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Childhood Violence

Childhood Violence

Priya Tiwari is working as a strategy consultant with Know Violence in Childhood (KVIC): A Global Learning Initiative, she enjoys writing on health, fitness and social issues.

Childhood violence- A Huge Challenge

Childhood violence- A Huge Challenge

The serenity of childhood is the best period of one’s life since it provides a cozy environment for the untrained mind to discover and imbibe new things. And when the same childhood gets beset with an unhealthy environment that includes abuse, the growth of a child is hampered. Now abuse needs not be physical only, sometimes mental torture can do more harm than the physical violence if it continues over a period of time. The personality of a child is like soft clay that can be easily molded therefore it is incumbent on the part of the government and civil society to address this problem with all seriousness.

There is very little awareness about the violence that is afflicted on the younger generation, which sometime remains like an untreated wound in the mind of the child that oozes poisons, which not only affect his/her mind but also seriously affect the future behavior of the child. Violence against a child is not confined to his/her home but is very common outside the home too. Studies have shown that violence against a child in the majority of the cases is perpetuated by an adult who knows the kid; he can be a family member, a family friend or a person in authority like a teacher or a neighbor who has access to the child.

It is very disturbing that a large section of our society are either unaware of the facts related to children and violence or they know about it, but finds it very uncomfortable or even embarrassed to discuss it openly. To counter this alarming situation, authorities should make an extensive advertisement campaign to tell the populace at large about this problem and the harmful effect violence is creating in the young peoples’ minds. The young mind of a child that is still growing is very susceptible to any outside influence and if the child watches a violent argument in his/her house or outside, then the chance that it will affect him/her negatively is a foregone conclusion.

The parents should keep a friendly relation with their children and ask about any problem they are facing regularly. Similarly, student councilors should take regular classes where the kids can air their grievances, fears, and bad experiences. It is incumbent on the part of the parents and counselors in the school to explain to a kid about sexual predators and how to react if they come in contact with such a person. The police should also be sensitized to treat cases of child abuse more seriously and with greater compassion. Only the collective effort of all of us will ensure that we provide our future generation with a happy and healthy childhood where they can grow, learn and remain happy.

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